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Thursday, February 20, 2020

To our customers and fellow racers:

With most racers’ season set to get underway shortly and the recent crash in the Daytona 500, we cannot stress enough the benefits of having great safety products.

We understand safety isn’t always viewed as “sexy” or “exciting,” but with that said, we have to remember it’s not always about us – it’s also about our wonderful spouses, children and family members that support us, come to our races and spend countless hours in the garage with us and support this crazy pastime we all are so passionate about.

With that said, we personally ask you to review and inspect your safety gear and make sure to update to the newest, safest products. Mark sure you are using some type of head and neck support, make sure your seat fits correctly, check the dates on your seat belts, add roll bar padding, etc.

Our families don’t ask much from us other than for us to return home safe. This, we owe to them!

To learn about the safety brands we carry, call us at 1-800-621-SEAT, email sales@butlerbuilt.net and visit butlerbuilt.net and rjsracing.com.

Thank you,

BUTLERBUILT & RJS Racing Equipment Management

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