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Seat Belt Safety

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"With no exceptions, any and all seat belts should not be allowed to ride or rub against the seat in any fashion whatsoever.

Sometimes, racers will mount their seat belts so that the belt anchor point is considerably lower than the seat's belt hole itself. When this occurs, the belt is naturally going to rub against the edge of the hole. This is not acceptable. The anchor point should be raised - or lowered, in cases where the belts are mounted too high - to better align the belt load path to conform to the driver's shoulder height relative to each other.

Another possibility is that the belt hole is too high relative to the drivers body height and/or the height relative to any particular head and neck restraint added to this mix. If that is the case, then the belt hole should be modified and opened up lower to clear any interference between the seat and belt.

To be perfectly clear, no belt in a harness system should ever touch the seat structure. The seat is never to be used to support any belt load. The seat belt holes are only to provide a clear pathway for the belts between the chassis and the drivers body to provide total body structural support without interference from the seat.

When this concept is compromised is when we see problems that can lead to premature parts wear and possibly will contribute to injury when we rely on these components the most."

May 2018

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