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Sportsman Advantage Head & Shoulder Kits

SKU: ADV-22007-95

The Sportsman ADVANTAGE Head & Shoulder Kit converts high-back BUTLER seats to full-containment!

The Sportsman ADVANTAGE Head & Shoulder Kit is a bolt-on unit that allows you to convert most any high-back seat to a full-containment seat. 

Available with smooth-matte head foam or upgrade to MaxGard head foam. 

Short-left head guard for oval-track applications; standard size right and left head guards for road-course applications.  

* Strongly recommended with ProSportsman Series seats including the ProSportsman Plus and ProLegends Plus. 

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ProSportsman Plus Seat

A 20° layback ProSportsman Plus (custom or standard size) with the Sportsman Advantage Head & Shoulder Kit mounted & bolted to the seat is a safe and affordable option for asphalt and dirt late models, stock cars and modifieds!

Nearly every ProSportsman Plus seat we sell is full-containment. Don't forget to purchase the Sportsman Advantage head and shoulder kit when ordering!

We will need your driver's measurements for head and shoulder support mounting. See button below for measurement guide.

SKU: BBP-1121
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